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With time fleeting, YAKO has unconsciously gone through ten years. In the development of first decade, we never dare to have the slightest slack and always being cautious and conscientious when we facing the needs of customers and market feedback. Thus what the market and customers feedback to us are YAKO’s fast growing in market share and brand recognition.

At the present, the automation industry coincides within the "Industrial 4.0" and Chinese government’s "Made in China 2025" plan. China desires to be an advanced manufacturing country. Facing this historical occasion, we have more opportunities than before, yet we also face more challenges than before. YAKO always adhere to our own advantages, staying closely with customers and market from product development to marketing strategy and organization structure. We firmly believe that Rome wasn't built in one day, that only through technology accumulation and product development step by step, the products made in China can be smarter, more efficient and reliable, the dream of becoming an advanced manufacturing country can be realized.

YAKO dreams to become a hundred year excellent enterprise. To achieve this goal, we will adopt more advanced management method, build a stronger R&D center. We are eager to find more R&D and management talent, willing to build a stage for every talent to do their best and achieve great success.