MCC800S high performance motion control card, a PCI bus based motion controller for controlling stepper motors and servo systems. Motion planning through ARM and FPGA, can control 1-8 axes servo or stepper motor, support 2-8 axes linear interpolation, arbitrary 2-axis plane circular interpolation, arbitrary 3-axis space circular/coil interpolation. Each axis has a maximum pulse frequency of 4MHz and an encoder input signal. Interpolation motion has S-type speed curve, small circle speed limit, PWM vector speed follow, backlash compensation, system maximum acceleration limit and other functions.
    MCC800S matched terminal board has multi-channel general I/O, supporting high-speed position latching and position comparison output, continuous interpolation buffer I/O, external bus I/O expansion, greatly satisfying customers' various control requirements for I/O .
     This product is equipped with a dynamic link library under Windows XP/Win7, which is convenient for customers to write their own application software. At the same time, it provides motion debugging software, which can demonstrate the function of this card. it also can be used to tests the operation of motion control cards, motors, drives and motion platforms.               

Typical Application:
Electronic manufacturing processing and testing equipment, engraving equipment, cutting equipment, placement machine, laser processing equipment, dispensing equipment, spraying, welding equipment, loading and unloading robots, etc.
Motion control Motor control signal  Number of motor shafts: 8 axes
 Pulse signal frequency range:1 Hz~4 MHz
 Encoder input: 8 channels, 16MHz after 4 frequency multiplier
 Pulse output: differential output (single-ended optional)
 Each control axis is equipped with dedicated home, limit, servo alarm, and in-position signals.
 2-axis circular , 3-axis spatial circular interpolation, spatial spiral , tapered,
cylindrical interpolation, etc.
 Support small line continuous interpolation, high performance continuous track forward control
 Excellent speed curve planning, continuous trajectory speed can be set
 High speed position latching, comparison and triggering, PWM speed following, backlash/pitch compensation
 High-speed position latch input terminal number (LTC): 2 channels
 High-speed position comparison output terminal number (CMP): 4 channels
 Support handwheel operation
 Support multiple homing modes
I/O function  16-channel general input, optical isolation, maximum response frequency 4kHz
 16-channel general output, optical isolation, 500mA drive current
Operating environment  Operating temperature:0~55 ℃
 Storage temperature:-20~70 ℃
 Humidity:5%~90 %,no dew
Power requirement (terminal board)  DC 24V  1A
4-axis/8-axis terminal board size  4-axis:236mm X144mm,8-axis:244mm X190mm
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