MCN820 is a network-based 8-axis track motion controller for controlling stepper motors and servo systems. Motion planning through ARM and FPGA, can control 1-8 axes servo or stepper motor, support 2-8 axis linear interpolation, arbitrary 2-axis plane circular and arbitrary 3-axis space arc/coil interpolations. Each axis has a maximum pulse frequency of 4MHz and each encoder has an encoder input signal. Interpolation motion has S-type speed curve, small circle speed limit, PWM vector speed follow, backlash compensation, system maximum acceleration limit and other functions.
   MCN820 with multi-channel general I/O, and 8 AD and 8 DA outputs, support high-speed position latch and position comparison output, continuous interpolation cache I / O, external line I / O expansion, greatly satisfying customer I /O various control needs.
   This product is also equipped with a dynamic link library under Windows XP/Win7.     
Typical Application:
Electronic manufacturing processing and testing equipment, engraving equipment, cutting equipment, placement machine, laser processing equipment, dispensing equipment, spraying, welding equipment, loading and unloading
 Number of motor shafts  8 axes
 Encoder signal input number   8
 Control cycle  1ms(Not adjustable);
 Pulse output  Differential output (also single-ended output), frequency 0Hz ~ 4MHz;
 Encoder input signal frequency  After 4 frequency multiplier, the highest frequency is 16MHz;
 Handwheel input signal  1 channel, the highest frequency is 500kHz;
 Pulse signal output maximum current   20mA(sink);
 Mechanical positive and negative limit input(±EL)   Positive and negative limit optocoupler isolation for each axis;
 Mechanical home signal input(ORG)   1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo alarm signal input port(ALM)   1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo ready signal input port(RDY)   1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Servo enable signal output(SEVON)   1 channel optocoupler isolation per axis;
 Number of generall digital inputs   16-channel optocoupler isolation (expandable), RC filter input current 5 ~ 10mA; maximum response frequency 4kHz;
 Number of generall digital outputs   16-channel optocoupler isolation (expandable), open collector; drive current 1A, (5 ~ 24VDC, inhalation);
 Analog  output  8 channels, range: -10V~+10V (optional)
 Analog input  4 channels, range: -10V~+10V (optional)
 Position latch input ports(LTC)   8 channels (general input mapping configuration);
 High-speed position comparison output ports   4 channels (using 6-7 axis pulse direction output respectively);
 EtherCAT bus extension  Extensible servo drive and IO module
 CAN-IO extension  Supports up to 12 CAN-IO expansion modules;
 Support multiple control card connections  16
 Motion characteristics  Speed curve: S-curve and trapezoidal curve; Motion: fixed length, Jog and homing motion. Interpolation (linear, circular, spiral) motion, continuous flow of the buffer. Supports shifting position in motion, support pause and restart, supports immedi- ate stop and smooth stop.
 Interpolation type  Immediate interpolation mode and buffer interpolation mode
 MCN420 software program supported operating systems  WindowsXP/Windows7/windows8/windows10 operating system
 MCN420 library supported programming language tools  Support VC++/C#/VC.Net/VB6.0/VB.NET/LabVIEW/Delphi etc.
 Dimensions  230mm X 177mm

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