MCN410 is an 8-axis high-performance motion controller based on Ethernet architecture for motion planning through ARM and FPGA to control 1-8 axis servo or stepper motors. Support 2-4 axis linear interpolation, arbitrary 2-axis plane circular interpolation, arbitrary 3-axis spatial circular interpolation, the axis frequency is 4MHz, and 4 axes with encoder feedback. With speed preview, continuous interpolation of small line segments, PWM vector speed following and speed superposition,high speed position comparison trigger and latch.
      MCN410 is equipped with the dynamic link library of WINDOWS XP/WIN7, which is convenient for customers to write application software. It also provides MOTION debugging tools to demonstrate the functions of motion control and the work of motion control platform. It communicates with the host computer through USB2.0, Ethernet and RS485, also supports embedded operation mode (offline operation). Dedicated inputs (alarm, home, positive and negative limits), dedicated outputs (servo enable, alarm clear), IO extension support for each axis, 64 points (32-point input and 32-point output) per extended IO module. IO output current reaches 200mA.
Typical Application:
LED taping machine, beam splitter, AOI inspection, laser equipment, laminating machine, screen printing machine, dispensing machine, PCB boarding machine, etc.


1. Supports 8 axis controls, 4 of them have quadrature encoder feedback, the other 4 doesn't;
2. General input 26 channels, output 16 channels;
3. Handwheel signal dedicated interface;
4. Provide Ethernet, USB, RS485 communication interfaces. No need to occupy PCI slot, multi-card combination in low cost;
5. Provide real-time clock, hardware ID, on-chip EEPROM, convenient for users to implement encryption function;
6. Support VB, VC, LABVIEW, C# and other development environments; support PC or embedded operating modes (offline);
7. Space saving;
8. Provide screw mounting and DIN rail mounting method;
9. Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55 ° C, storage temperature: -20 ~ 70 ° C, humidity: 5% ~ 90%, no dew;    

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