3 Axes Dispenser Controller

Typical Application:
Support linear and circular interpolation; Support graphics import, speed forward processing; Provide advanced editing functions such as array and batch modification; It can store 1000 independent operating degrees.


Number of motor shafts: 3 axes;
Pulse frequency: 50Hz~250KHz, differential or single-ended output;
Number of IOs: 16 inputs, 8 outputs;
Handheld box pixels: 320X240, monochrome;
Number of buttons: 32;

File storage space: 256M;
Operating voltage: 24VDC;
Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 50 ° C;
Storage temperature: -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C;
Ambient humidity: 5%~90%.

1. The dispenser control system consists of a handheld box (PMC4300T) and a controller (PMC4300M). They are connected through a serial port, and the handheld box completes the work of the human-machine interface. The user's track file is generated through simple and user-friendly teaching methods, and download it to the controller through the serial port;
2. The controller completes functions such as motion control and glue control;
3. Provide users with isolated points, plane lines, space lines, arcs, graphics import, U disk, IO control, motor reset, early glue switch, speed smoothing and other functions;
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