Drilling Machine Controller

Typical Application:
This single-axis CNC drilling machine control system is applied to various semi and fully automatic single axis drilling equipments, which can precisely control the speed and position of the drill bit feeding. It is suitable for high-precision drilling pr


Output pulse frequency 50Hz~70KHz;
Drilling accuracy of 0.01mm;
Drilling speed up to 2mm/s;
The freewheel speed can be up to 50mm/s.


Control single-axis stepper/servo motor;
LED display (192*64) and 24-button mechanical switch;
Cooperate with cylinder and mold to realize automatic feeding processing;
Control drill to feed multiple times and remove chippings automatically ;
Support alarm detection for unfavorable drill and feeding material blocking;
Support single hole, double hole processing mode;
Start LOGO can be customized.

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