l  32-bit DSP control, good stability and superior vibration performance

l  16-speed current is available

l  Smooth and accurate current control, effectively reduce motor heating

l  Optically isolated differential signal input, strong anti-interference ability

l  Drive current is adjustable below 4.8A

l  Voltage input range: DC20~50V

l  With over voltage, under voltage etc. fault protection

l  Small size, volume 118*76*33 (mm³), weight 0.3kg

l  Suitable for 42/57/86mm(NEMA17/23/34) 2 phase open-loop stepper motors

Typical Application:
Mainly used in SMT auxiliary equipment: palletizer, docking station; touch screen related equipment: laminating and attaching machine; pharmacy automation equipment; automatic medicine grabbing machine.
Product DiagramProduct Diagram


Microstep SettingMicrostep Setting


Current SettingCurrent Setting


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