32-bit DSP control, low noise and superior vibration performance

Excellent smoothness in low frequency microsteps

16 constant torque microstep, positioning accuracy up to 60000 steps/rev.

Parameters can be set according to the motor model

With pulse microstep function, the motor runs more smoothly

Pulse filter frequency can be selected according to speed and microstep

Flexible matching of the pulse control side of the host computer

Motor lock current is adjustable in 4 grades. When the pulse stops over

400ms, the current is reduced to the lock current.

The highest pulse response frequency is 400KHz

With over voltage, under voltage etc. fault protection

Voltage input range: AC110~220V, maximum effective current 4.2A

Volume 200*148*71.5 (mm³), weight 1.5kg

Suitable for 86-110mm(NEMA34-42) 3 phase open-loop stepper motors.

Typical Application:
Mainly used in CNC machine tools, engraving machines, packaging equipment, woodworking machinery, laser cutting, textile equipment, ceramic equipment, electronic equipment constant speed applications
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