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32-bit motor control dedicated DSP chip
Microstep can be set as any number between 400~60000
The highest pulse response frequency is 200KHz
Low torque attenuation, speed up to 3000rpm
Built-in in position and alarm output for easy monitoring and control
Current intelligent adjustment, reduce vibration, noise and heat, and increase efficiency by 35%
With single and double pulse selection function, default setting: pulse + direction control
Excellent high-speed performance and rigidity, perfect combination of servo and stepper advantages
LED display, easy to set control parameters and monitor motor running status
Pulse, direction, enable compatible 5~24V signal input
Voltage range: DC24-50V
Small size, volume 120*90*40 (mm³), weight 0.65kg
Suitable for 42-60mm(NEMA17-24) 2 phase close-loop stepper motors.

Typical Application:
Mainly used in engraving machines, special industrial sewing machines, wire stripping machines,marking machines, cutting machines, laser phototypesetting, plotters, CNC machine tools and other automation equipment and instruments.equipment and instruments
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