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Adopt 32-bit motor control dedicated DSP chip
Advanced lead angle and vector control algorithm
Intelligently adjust current according to load
Optocoupler isolated differential signal input
The maximum pulse response frequency is up to 200KHz
Microstep can be set as any number between 400~60000
Over-current, overvoltage and undervoltage etc. protection
With six-digit digital tube display, conveniently set the control parameters and monitor the running state of the motor
Small size, volume 180*139.2*76 (mm³)
Suitable for 86mm(NEMA34) 2 phase close-loop stepper motors

Typical Application:
Suitable for all kinds of automation equipment and instruments with large torque requirements, such as: robot, industrial robot arm, engraving machine, stripping machine, marking machine, cutting machine, plotter, CNC machine tool, automatic assembly equi
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