32-bit DSP technology, smooth and low vibration
Voltage range 24~50V
Current is adjustable, up to 5A
Based on 100BASE-TX Ethernet transmission standard, transmission rate
up to 100Mbps, full duplex communication
Support CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT), in line with CiA 402 standard
Support Cyclic Sync Position, Cyclic Sync Velocity, Profile Position,
Profile Velocity, Homing multiple working modes
Dual port RJ45 connector for EtherCAT communication
5 channels of optically isolated input interface, 5V~24V compatible input
2 optical isolation output interface
Microstep 400~51200 settings, electronic gear is supported
Smooth and accurate current control, low motor heating
Protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, etc.
The default is suitable for 57mm(NEMA23) motor, 42mm - 60mm(NEMA17/24)
motors can be adapted by adjusting the relevant parameters of the drive.

Typical Application:
Mainly used in battery equipment, photovoltaic equipment, semiconductor equipment, 3C and mobile phone non-standard automation equipment, wire stripping machine, marking machine, cutting machine, stage lighting, robots and medical equipment, laser equip
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