l  High performance, big high speed output torque with excellent stability and low cost

l  4 constant-torque microstep settings, 64 microsteps the highest

l  Unique six-wire control circuit, effectively increase high speed torque (double torque compared with four-wire drive)

l  200Kpps response frequency

l  After step pulse stops for 100ms, output current automatically halve to reduce motor heat

l  Bipolar constant current wave chopping mode, improve motor speed and power

l  Photoelectric isolated signal input/output

l  Drive current adjustable from 0A/phase to 3A/phase

l  Sole power input, voltage range: DC12~40V

l  Fault protection: over current, overheat, low voltage protection

l  Small size: 136*92*25mm, 0.3kg

Typical Application:
Mainly used in engraving machine, laser equipment, laser engraving machine, and small electronic dispensing equipment.

YKA2304ME is identical-angle constant-torque microstep drive with working voltage DC12~40V. It’s designed for various models of two phase 6/8 wire 42~57mm (NEMA 17~23) hybrid stepper motors which current are below 3A.

With the uses of the first advanced six-wire technology, the motor will proceed Automatic Gain Control at high speed and reducing reverse EMF, thus greatly improve the torque output (double torque compared with four-wire drive) in high speed.

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