Special for Bag-Making Machines

Typical Application:
Strong function, low power, high precision and speed, wide adaptability, stable and humanized operation. Applicable to bag making machine equipment, fixed length feeding equipment.

This product suits for a variety of bag making machine types;
Number of control axes: single axis;
(128*64) display and 24-button mechanical switch;
10 general input points and 6 output points for logic control;
Large real-time storage space;
Operating voltage: 24V + 15% DC;

Operating temperature: -10~75°C;
Pulse output frequency: single axis control 50Hz~70KHz;
Input detection port: 24V switching signal (IO port active low);
Output port: supply current 100mA ~ 800mA;
Software can be upgraded via the RS232 interface.


1. Support a variety of processing techniques for automatic fixed length feeding and color matching feeding;
2. One key switching of the feeding mode, easy to operate;
3. Automatic detection of color code, high precision and fast speed;
4. Support automatic/manual servo/stepper enable signal control, blowing, glue function, external input and output diagnostic function are supported;
5. Support manual clear batch number, current processing number, support manual complement and manual reset to initial state functions;
6. Real-time save system parameters, support decimal digit input, support custom multi-function output port, support Chinese and English switching.

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PMC100-ZDJ 制袋机控制器 PMC100-ZDJ